Strategy-Focused Courses

Study smarter with our tactical approach to standardized test prep.  Our R.I.S.E. method will reinforce your fundamental academic skills, then simplify the test down to it’s most basic level with easy-to-use strategies that will increase your speed and efficiency.

Gamified Learning

Beyond1600 Ninja

We make learning fun and challenging by turning our learning modules into games.  Earn points and badges that you can later claim for gifts and prizes!  Compete against your fellow classmates in our custom designed leaderboard.  Let us show you that learning doesn’t have to be boring.

Social Learning Network

Our social learning platform creates a community of like-minded students that are striving for the same goals.  Connect with other students, teachers, and tutors to discuss topics, problems, and solutions and engage in individual class lessons with specific topic forums.

Live-Streamed Classes

Enjoy the engagement of live classes from the comfort of your home on any device.  Our cloud-based platform gives you the mobility and convenience that the modern student demand.  Missed a class?  It’s ok with our On-Demand feature that lets you playback any class that you might have missed!

Unlimited Live-Classes, Courses, Practice Questions, Worksheets & Tests!
One Monthly Fee!

Beyond1600.com is the product of Accelerations Learning Center, a premier tutoring and test prep learning center that for 17 years has transformed the lives of thousands of students from around the world.  What was once available to only a select few is now available to you in the form on this groundbreaking social-learning platform that delivers empowering test-taking strategies through innovative technology that results in increased speed, efficiency, and ultimately, higher scores.

Test Taking Strategies That Empower

We take you beyond the formulas, memorization, and redundant questions that you might normally find in a test prep course.  Our strategy-focused concepts will empower you with the tools and techniques that thousands of students have used master the PSAT, SAT, and ACT! 

Engagement That Inspires

We believe that without touching the heart, you can never touch the mind.  We want to inspire you by showing you that any student can have standardized test success, regardless of your current academic standing.

Our Mission

“We are here to empower and inspire today’s students.  We challenge the educational status quo by delivering simplified strategies and student-centred learning through innovative technology.  Accelerations Learning Center and Beyond1600 is committed to integrating technology and education to deliver a better academic experience for every student.”

-Cassandra Tokars, Founder

“They know the test systems inside out, and not only are they so very knowledgeable, they know how to make it fun! I got into the school of my dreams.”

Aris B.

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